Your Special Itinerary

Travel in Majestic Egypt for the Experience of a Lifetime with Memories You Will Treasure Forever


As Owner of Quantum Change Travel it is my privilege to invite you to become a member of an expedition to mystical Egypt which is destined (in fact guaranteed) to give you an experience of a lifetime with memories you will cherish forever

The investment in your holiday of a lifetime is $8,495 AUD TWIN SHARE (normally $12,495) and about 14 days of your time. You will have the rare privilege of taking part in a journey that few other people in the world will ever be able to do.

tutIn fact, Bill Gates and his family went on this same tour of Egypt that you are being offered. That is how unique this trip really is.

You will personally have the chance to enrich your spiritual experience and reservoir of knowledge about one of the oldest and greatest places on earth, Egypt.

I am asking you to join a distinguished group of people, fly to Egypt and experience what only a select few can, learn what almost no one else knows, do what other people and tourists are forbidden to do and go where no other tourists can go.

camelAmong the highlights of this Beyond First Class Egypt Excursion will be

Exclusive and Private Visits to;

The Pyramids


Luxor Temple

Museum of Cairo

First Class Majestic River Nile Cruise

Even heads of states and other archeologists wish they could experience what you will experience on this 14 day UNIQUE holiday.

We promise you this because you will have two of the best possible tour guides for Egypt on the planet.

  • Our co-coordinator, Mohamed whose philosophy in life is to bring love, peace, light and unity to all people
  • Every Step is a Prayer – The Mantra of Your Spiritual tour guide

Dr. Zahi

Plus you will have leading experts on Egypt give you special talks about Egypt. One of which is the Worlds Leading Expert on Egypt, Dr Zahi Hawass who will give your intimate group an exclusive talk where you can ask him any questions you like.

Who is Dr. Zahi Hawass? Have you ever seen something about Egypt on the “Discovery Channel”, in “Time Magazine”, on the news or any other place? Dr. Zahi Hawass is the guy right in the middle of everyone of those pictures and shows. Wherever there is a story about Egypt Dr. Zahi Hawass is right there in the middle of it all. You may even remember most recently he was there at the study of Tutankhamun’s mummy.

Dr. Zahi Hawass has been featured in Time Magazine, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and many other places.

  • Dr. Zahi Hawass knows more about Egyptian history than any other person on the planet.
  • And he will personally give our group the most incredible talk.
  • Dr Zahi Hawass is the Security General of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

As you can imagine Dr Zahi Hawass’ involvement with this trip means that we can take you places no one else in the world can. He will tell you things no one else on the planet can. You will have experiences of Egypt not available to anyone else but you.

Imagine standing in front of the Sphinx in awe of its magnificence. With all the tourists 100 meters away from the Sphinx behind a stone wall. You will be able to really experience the Majestic Grandeur of what ancient humans were able to create thousands of years ago. Then the guard opens up the closed gate and lets YOU in on the other side of the stone wall and walk right through and into the base of the Sphinx.


While all the other tourists are wondering, why do you get to go there? You get to walk right up and actually touch the Sphinx. They will all shift their focus from the Sphinx to you, it realy is quite amazing. You walk between the claws of the Sphinx and fully soak in its magnificence and take photos that you will treasure forever. And this is the type of experience you get each and every day for the entire 14 days of your trip in Egypt.

Hello, my name is Roberta Faddoul.

I will be Joining You on Your Trip to Egypt. My Dad, George Faddoul and I organized and went on this same Egyptian trip for the first time in 2003 with my 3 sisters and Mum with a group of other participants & this will make it our 10th trip back. So I can personally speak from experience how extraordinary this trip is. In fact, most of the pictures here are from pictures my family and the other participants took. That’s me 2nd from the right and my family.

Priceless pictures –

In fact this trip will be even better than the first one as we have arranged for a PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE visit of the Museum of Cairo with the top curator as our guide sharing with us exhibits that are even closed to the public. Egypt is a busy place so you can imagine that normally in the Museum you cannot even get close to some of the most famous exhibits because of all the tourists. Well this time you can and have the luxury to stroll around at your own pace. It’s like out of a movie “A Night at the Museum”! J

By Agreeing to join this excursion, you will, in a sense, establish yourself in history too. For if you travel to Egypt 100 times by yourself you will never experience everything that you will on this truly SPECIAL trip to Egypt. Literally. Because with our exclusive tour guides, they will literally take you places no other tourists can go.

Your Egypt excursion will also be led by Mohamed. Mohamed was born in Cairo Egypt in 1955. Out of sincere love for Egypt and a desire to share his country with others, Mohamed decided to open his own tour company in 1996. His years of strong relationship building within the tourism industry gave Mohamed a jump start for his new company. He has been working to promote Egypt Tourism for the past 25 years.

Mohamed’s philosophy in life (one of your guides) is to bring love, peace, light and unity to all people in all countries through outstanding experiences in Egypt.

The only thing you need to do is get on a plane to Egypt. And we will handle everything else. And we do mean Everything.

Your Egypt Trip Itinerary…Dec 3rd – 17th 2015

1st day – Arrival in Cairo

From the moment you step off the plane you will know this holiday is like no other on the planet.

Your name will be on one of those signs held by your personal driver meeting you at the airport
Ever get off your plane and see those people holding signs with names on them? When you get off the plane in Cairo one of those signs will have your name on it.

And not only will that person drive you to where you are going, they will help you through all the formalities that can be a nightmare in a foreign country. Going through immigrations and customs knowing what to do and having transportation to your deluxe hotel from someone you can trust, a great start to what is going to be the holiday of a lifetime.

  • You will be met in the airport by your personal driver and assisted through customs
    Your first evening in Egypt will be to relax and unwind. So the following morning you are bright, refreshed and ready to go.
  • Mena House hotel will be your 5-star ‘Base Camp’


This majestic hotel provides unrivalled views of the Giza Pyramids, the last survivors of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and only a short drive from the centre of Cairo. The hotel offers a spectacular swimming pool complex including a health club with sauna and massage, as well as a Royal Club Floor and a variety of superb restaurants with oriental and Mediterranean cuisines.

Lavish guestrooms with Egyptian style furnishings and rich fabrics open out onto balconies; all with high-speed

You can relax in the spa area, sip cocktails on poolside terraces, and explore the area via horses from onsite stables.

You can make use of the hotel’s sauna, steam room and a range of pampering beauty treatments. Sun-worshippers can bask on the terraces, cool off with a dip in the pool and enjoy refreshments by the pool-side bar.

Those feeling energetic can practice their serve on the tennis courts or workout at the well-equipped gym.

After a day of leisure you can enjoy a drink alongside spectacular views from the Pool Bar and dance into the early hours at the nightclub. You can practice your swing on the 18-hole golf course alongside spectacular views across the pyramids.

2nd Day Orientation / Sakkara

Second day

After you wake fully rested and ready to go there will be a gourmet Buffet breakfast waiting just for you when you crawl out of your luxurious bed waiting for you in a special room reserved for your group.

After you have had your fill of food you will get the opportunity to meet the other people who you will be on your journey with you. You will then be introduced to your ‘personal’ tour guide for the next 14 days, Mohamed and spiritual tour guide who will be with us for the next 14 days.


Mohamed has been leading spiritual tours of Egypt for over 25 years. His knowledge, both spiritual and historical, will soon become quite evident to you that his love and knowledge of Egypt is deep and he loves sharing it with you.

Mohamed will give you an orientation and introduction to your journey in Egypt and introduce you to your special guide and the team that will serve you throughout your trip and we will then answer any questions you may have.

Today we enjoy a magnificent journey to Sakkara located in the beautiful countryside south of Giza,

Sakkara with King Zoser’s Step Pyramid, are some of the earliest of the major pyramids. Careful exploration of important Old Kingdom noble tombs with their vivid symbolic relief is the first stop on today’s trip.

  • Have the history of Egypt come alive in your hands while inside the oldest pyramid in Egypt
  • View and have ‘translated’ by an expert some of the oldest hieroglyphic texts in Egypt and their symbolic meaning

You will then visit the other Sakkara sites, including the Pyramid of TiTi with its pristine hieroglyphic texts.

The underlying themes of the Egyptian sacred science is

  • The creation of the world and
  • The role of humanity within creation

Egypt’s incredibly complex mythology and its profusion of mysterious symbols can be seen as an ingenious method of expressing those twin interlocked themes. At Sakkara we begin to see these themes in action.

You will have lunch on the route back to your hotel at a typical countryside Egyptian restaurant and stop at a carpet factory. Return to the hotel for time to relax and a free evening.

(These Little B, L, and D’s you will see at the end of every day are the meals you are provided each day -Today’s Meals – B, L)

3rd Day: Private and Exclusive visit (no other tourists) to the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx / Islamic & Coptic Cairo

Camel Ride

Exclusive Visit to the Giza Plateau – Which contains the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Egypt

Today, you start your tour with a very Special Private and Exclusive Visit to the Giza Plateau, when nobody else gets direct access but your group.

Listen closely as you awaken and dress for Sunrise at the Valley Temple of Chephren on the Giza Plateau, as you come alive, you will hear the incredible sounds of the entire city being called to prayer. Open your door and listen – Feel the energy of the spirits…

You are off to discover some of the most awesome Wonders of the World. To touch them and to feel them — the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau.

Dr. Zahi

We study them and pay particular attention to the Sphinx. Our guide, who is an encyclopedia of Egyptology will give us detailed examinations of various controversial theories surrounding these amazing structures…

Go where other tourists cannot and actually touch the Sphinx and meditate inside the Kings Chamber inside the Great Pyramid.

Dr. ZahiAfter an invigorating Sunrise we are back to our hotel for an incredible buffet breakfast.

We are then back for a powerful experience inside the King’s Chamber for private meditation.

Meditation inside The Great Pyramid Exclusively Just for You

Dr. ZahiWalk inside the Great Spiritual Pyramid of Egypt, no other tourists are allowed and participate in a Guided Meditation in the Great Pyramid while the area is closed to the public.

This will energize your Mind, Body & Soul. A once in a lifetime experience.

This afternoon we shall enjoy visiting the oldest part of Cairo where we visit Rafaai mosque and enjoy the spirituality of this unique place and its Islamic structures, we then visit the Coptic or Christian part of Cairo, where we enter San Sergio Church, where the Holy family were hidden for 3 months, when they travelled through Egypt.

We will also visit the famous Mena Papyrus Gallery Institute, where we will see how hand made copies of old Egyptian art showing the tombs and temples are made.

The rest of the day is for you to relax and help recover from any jet lag you may still have or you can take a desert horseback ride or do some shopping.

(B, L)

4th Day: Cairo, Aswan, Your 1st Class Nile Cruise and Optional Trip to Abu Simble

Dr. Zahi

Following breakfast we depart to Cairo Airport for your one-hour short flight to Aswan.

You will be met at the airport and taken to your Deluxe Sonesta Nile Cruiser.

The Sonesta Nile Cruiser

  • Five-star cruise ship
  • You will have stunning views of the Nile from your room
  • All cabins feature private, direct-dial telephone, individual climate control, hairdryer, mini-bar, safety-deposit box, television and movie program. All bathrooms are equipped with bathtubs.
  • Outdoor swimming pool with bar service, jogging track and a spacious gym.
  • Sun Deck Bar – Overlooking the Nile, offering refreshing cocktails all day until sunset.
  • Nightlife – Discothèque, belly dance show, Captain’s Welcome Cocktail Party, fancy Galabya Party and Nubian folkloric show.
Dr. Zahi

There is an optional trip to Abu Simble. In Abu Simple you will see one of the great temples of Egypt. It is a famous Landmark not to be missed.

Almost everyone wants to go on this trip. It is a 30 minute flight from the boat.

If you don’t take this optional trip you can spend the rest of the day on the Nile.

After settling in, we will have lunch while sailing down the gorgeous river Nile.

Dr. ZahiThen you will be taken for a ride on a felucca.Your Felucca ride is a small delightful sailboat – peaceful and serene – as you drift on the wind down the Nile. After your felucca ride you will be brought to an authentic Egyptian market, the Nubian Market. It is where the locals go to do their shopping.

Aswan is the gateway to Nubia and called “the Pearl of Egypt” with its colorful Nubian bazaar, laid-back atmosphere, the warm and wonderful people and a lovely promenade along the Nile, Aswan is a favorite city in Egypt for many visitors. Dinner on board.

(B, L, D)

5th Day: Kom Ombo Temple, Aswan / Private and Exclusive visit (no other tourists) to Temple of Philae (Isis) and The temple of Edfu (The Falcon God) Temple of Resurrection

Dr. ZahiUpon arriving in the morning you will take an early morning boat ride to the relocated Temple of Philae, the delicate, elegant, quintessential feminine temple of Isis.

Your Egyptian host will share with you this graceful antiquity that was meticulously moved stone by stone from its ancient site (now submerged) to its new higher island home in the middle of the lake.

Today it gives us – modern men/women of modern machines and incredible technical knowledge – great insight into what the ancient and intelligent peoples of the world could do with only simple technology and a will to create at their disposal.

Dr. ZahiExplore the Pearl of Egypt – Aswan and its colorful bazaar and warm, friendly people Return to our cruise ship for lunch & sail to Kom Ombo.

You will visit the famous ancient healing temple of Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo is a famous healing temple in ancient days and is now a gloriously picturesque edifice and energy-filled ruin overlooking a bend in the Nile.

After your visit to the healing temple you continue sailing through the countryside of Egypt to Edfu. In the evening, you are invited to the Captain’s welcome cocktail party followed by dinner.

Dr. ZahiA very special treat is awaiting you tonight as we take you through ONCE in a lifetime experience as you experience Privately and Exclusively the best preserved temple in Egypt, the fabulous Temple of Edfu dedicated to the falcon God. Consecrated to Horus, it is the embodiment of the principle of the Resurrection.

(B, L, D)

6th Day: Edfu / Esna

We spend the day sailing on the Nile, waving at the villagers, farmers and fishermen as we slowly glide through the peaceful waters and sail to Esna overnight.

The evening is yours to experience the lounge or enjoy the solitude of cruising from the ship’s upper deck.

(B, L, D)

7th Day: Luxor Temple- The Temple of Man

Dr. Zahi

Around midday, you are driven for one hour to Luxor, checking into Sonesta St. George Luxor 5 Star Hotel.

You will have a Free afternoon to relax or you may wish to shop for gold and silver.

Imagine strolling beneath the stars wondering at the magnificence of the Luxor — pictured here
Tour the Luxor Temple under the stars free from other tourists, a truly magical experience.

The Egyptians referred to the Luxor as the private sanctuary of the south and the Holy of Holies.

Here is where R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz developed his revolutionary Symbolist Interpretation where he fused into one vast, coherent doctrine, the Egyptian science, art, religion and philosophy as one.


8th Day: Luxor /Valley of the Kings

This morning is devoted to Thebes as you drive across the Nile to the West Bank to visit the Valley of the Kings.

This is where the great and mysterious funerary texts (“The Books of the Dead”) are exquisitely painted or carved into walls. The Egyptians believed that “To speak the name of the dead is to make him live again”

You then continue to Madinet Habu with its colorful Ceilings and columns and the immense Colossi of Memnon, You will feel the enormity of the Columns as they tower over your head 20 meters high (65 ft). Standing there in awe as you realize these statues were created more than 4500 years ago by nothing more than basic hand tools. Lunch will be served to you at “Africa” restaurant where ironically enough, Egyptian food will be served. (B, L)

9th Day: Abydos with the Flower of Life/ Dendarah Temples

Dr. Zahi

We drive north of Luxor through the countryside of Egypt for about one hour to Qena to visit Dendarah temple dedicated to Hathour Goddess of joy, love and music, here we shall meditate inside “Nut” chapel.

You then continue your visits today by driving to Abydos.

You are mesmerized by the sights traveling by one of the most spellbinding spots of Egypt. You will then visit the only site in Egypt that holds the “Flower of Life” No journey to Egypt is complete without visiting Abydos.

Dr. Zahi

In Abydos you will see remains from all the periods of ancient Egypt in one place. The Egyptians saw Abydos as the entrance to the underwold and one of the very 1st dynasty kings was buried there.

Imagine yourself standing there at the entrance to the underworld (the Egyptians ‘heaven’) as the ancients once did. Experience the feelings of joy and exhilaration that swell up from within you.

This entire trip is an opportunity for you to really connect to your spirituality.(B, L box, D)

10th Day: Private and Exclusive visit (no other people) Karnak Temple (Ra the Sun God) / Sharm El Sheik:

Dr. Zahi

This morning you visit the great Karnak temple at Sunrise to play in the energies of the vast overwhelming Temple of Karnak.

Once connected to Luxor Temple, two miles away, by a long avenue of Sphinxes (still partially intact).

Karnak is dedicated to the Powers of Creation. Karnak is the theater in which humanity (Luxor) plays out its destiny. It is an incredible collage of Kings and Queens, Princes, Priests and their collective symbolism.

Late this afternoon we depart to Luxor airport for our short flight to Sharm El Sheik, upon arrival you will be transferred to your Five Star Resort located on the Red Sea.(B, D)

11th Day: The Red Sea

Today, just enjoy your late breakfast and then take advantage of swimming, snorkeling or dive into the beautiful crystal water of the wonderfully unique Red Sea, right at your door of our enchanting resort. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, while you tan your body.

Sharm El Shiekh is the simplicity of Sun, Sea and Sand combined with the most modern luxury five-star hotels, water sports, shopping and entertainment.(B, D)

Dr. Zahi

12th Day: St. Catherine / Mt Sinai – Moses Mountain where Moses received the 10 Commandments

There you will be touring the countryside watching the villagers and colorful mountains of Sinai. Your destination is St. Catherine and the Holy Mountain.

Dr. Zahi

Concerning the actual facts of Catherine’s life, who the city is named after, very little is known. Legend, however, relates that Catherine rebuked the Emperor Maxentius for his tyranny and worsted in debate 50 of that ruler’s philosophers. Her eloquence won over to the cause of Christ the Emperor’s wife as well as 200 soldiers.

You will enjoy visiting the Monastery of St. Catherine, as well the Holy Burning Bush.

Around noon you will hike up the Holy mountain of Moses, where Moses received the ten commandments from God.

Standing on top of the mountain, imagining GOD speaking to you, the feeling begins to overwhelm you.

With the intensity of your feelings increasing, this is a wonderful place for self reflection and meditation.

This will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life as you are in Awe at the power of the Universe, knowing This is Where GOD Spoke to Moses.(B)

13th Day: Sharm / Cairo/ You, Us, Cairo and a Five-Star Hotel

Today we shall take our short flight to Cairo, arrive and check into your City Star Intercontinental hotel which has one of the most beautiful shopping centers and Mall in Egypt. You will have the day to relax, make use of the hotel’s sauna, steam room and a range of pampering beauty treatments if you like.

Sun-worshippers can bask on the terraces, cool off with a dip in the pool and enjoy refreshments by the pool-side bar.

Those feeling energetic can workout at the well-equipped gym and for last minute shopping for gifts right next door is an oasis. (B)

14th Day: Private & Exclusive visit (no other tourists) to the Egyptian Museum / Meet Dr Zahi Hawass

Dr. Zahi

This morning we shall meet with the World’s most famous Egyptologist, Dr Zahi Hawass and enjoy his lecture exclusively for our group about the latest discoveries in Egypt.

Experience your very own Personal Tour of Egypt’s famous and prestigious Egyptian Museum, all to yourself.After enjoying our lunch, late afternoon, we will depart for the famous Egyptian Museum, to see it as very few ever have, “A Private and Exclusive Visit” including the collection of relics dating back to 4,000 BC.

There you will experience first hand the different periods of ancient Egypt and the individual artistic and architectural styles of each period.

The highlights of your Exclusive and Private Egyptian Museum Tour:

Dr. Zahi

  • The visit to the priceless treasures of Tut-Ankh-Amon.
  • You will hear the incredible story of this child-king amongst the magnificent Collection.
  • You will see first hand the intricate workmanship of the contents of the luggage packed for this King to accompany him to the next world.
  • See Egyptian relics up close and personal dating back 6,000 years.

In the evening you will enjoy your special farewell dinner and share all your wonderful memories about Egypt. Your evening will be full of magic and mystery as we all share our most precious memories and treasures on what has been the best 14 day holiday you will probably ever experience in your lifetime.

(B, D)

15th Day: Say Farewell To Egypt and Hello to Your Unforgettable Memories and Experiences of the Holiday of Your Lifetime

Following your breakfast You will be transferred to Cairo airport for your departure.(B)

What will you do with your Free time on the trip?

We have got your free time covered for you as well.

Whenever there is free time during the trip you will always be given some options of what you can do, one of which will always be relaxing and doing nothing.

The options might be going to a jewelry shop, local bizarre, papyrus gallery, arts and crafts fair, watching local kids weaving, Egyptian Opera, etc. From the options given you will have a personal tour guide take you to and from where you want to go. So even though it is your free time, you are still totally taken care of and looked after.

Anytime you have free time, if you want to see something, Mohammed (Our co-ordiantor and Tour Guide) will make it happen.

Egypt is the original place of bartering. So whatever you want we will get it at the best price for you. For example. A group of people went to a jewelry shop. Everyone looked around, asked questions and found their favorite pieces of Jewelry. Our guide then did all the bartering for our whole group so everyone got the absolute best deal possible.

The Bartering Secret in Egypt – Bartering is walking away. Just keep walking away until they give you the price you are both happy with and have FUN with it.

That is Why Your 14 days in Egypt will be an Experience of a Lifetime with Memories You Will Treasure Forever.

You are covered with our 7 Guarantees if you choose to experience this Magnificent Egyptian Holiday.

  • Exclusive access to the museums, pyramids, sphinx, Karnak temple and many other sites – The Places are literally closed to the public when you are there. Plus you will go places no other tourists can go.
  • Beyond ‘just the facts’ Spiritual and Historical knowledge of Egypt from the worlds leading authoritys on Egypt – including Dr Zahi Hawass & Mohammed Nazmy, Mark Lehner & Robert Bauval (if available).
  • Experience a Beyond First Class Tour of Egypt – Travel like Royalty would while you are in Egypt sparing no luxury.
  • No Hidden fees, surcharges or expenses – The only additional money you will need is when you have free time for shopping, a few meals during your free time, $300 AUD for tips and approx $1000 US if you have a room to yourself the entire trip (as the trip is based on TWIN share). The trip to Abu Simbel is optional.
  • You will know more about ancient Egypt than many other tour guides from both a spiritual and historical perspective. In fact you will probably forget more about Egypt than many other people know.
  • You will grow your Business and you will Personally grow with the help of your world class Guest Speakers and the Spiritual Insights of one of your personal guides who’s mantra is “Every step is a Prayer”
  • An Unforgettable Experience with Memories you will Treasure for a Lifetime

Most important, you will take back with you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The day may come that trips like this to Egypt are available to everyone. But today, this privilege is available to very select few in the world.

It is true, I think that this privilege does carry responsibility with it. By the time you return you will have received a comprehensive indoctrination course in the Egyptian History by the worlds’ leading authorities. Your responsibility will be to make the most of the knowledge you will gain, to become an active advocate – perhaps even a disciple – of Egyptian research and development.

It is a responsibility which, I trust, will weigh easily upon you. For once the Egyptian air has been absorbed into your bloodstream, there is no cure. Like others who have been stricken you will probably find yourself reading every word you can find on Egypt. And, most likely, thinking about your next trip.

But first of all, you must decide about this trip. If you have a sense of adventure, a certain pioneering spirit, and if the prospect of traveling to Egypt and experiencing the Spiritual and Historical sides of Egypt Directly from the worlds leading experts on Egypt appeals to you perhaps you should consider joining the excursion. It is doubtful that you will ever have another chance like this again.

Obviously, you may not make a decision of this magnitude instantly. But a word of caution: reservations will be accepted in the order received. The first day of this holiday is Dec 3rd, 2014. The trip in 2003 we took in Egypt sold out, was the same price and was 3 days shorter. So reserve your place today.

Plus we have some additional Bonuses for you.

Free Bonus #1 – Special Guest Speaker Dr Zahi Hawass

Dr Zahi Hawass is a very busy man traveling the world sharing his knowledge and insight of Egypt. He has it in his personal diary the time he will spend with our group, this is in itself a very special opportunity to be able to benefit from his vast knowledge and ask any questions you like.

Free Bonus #2 – An autographed Copy of Dr Zahi’s books.

Free Bonus #3 – Special Guest Speaker Robert Bauval

Best-selling author of The Orion Mystery, Keeper of Genesis, and Talisman. Robert is the ambassador and shining light of the alternative Egypt field. His work links the ancient Magical and Hermetic knowledge carried across the ages into our modern intellectual and esoteric traditions and points to the pyramids being nothing less than a replica of heaven on earth.

Free Bonus #4 – Presentation by a Businessman who has built 6 multi million dollar business from scratch

My Dad, George Faddoul, first joined our group as a participant and I have finally managed to convince him to give you a powerful talk on business success.

George has started and created from scratch 6 (six) multi-million dollar businesses in his life time. How do you think you would benefit from hearing from someone of this caliber? So now you will have the opportunity to hear from a Master of Business and be able to “pick his brains” as only a few of his close confidants could. I can personally guarantee this extra special bonus could in itself be worth literally $1,000’s of dollars to you, if not millions.

Plus Much Much More!

We are constantly working at giving you even more value. So there will be additional bonuses and many more special surprises and presentations that are not listed here.

The investment in your holiday of a lifetime is only $8495 AUD which includes virtually everything like food and beverages, all accommodations (the best available under all circumstances), transportation once in Egypt, first class cruise of the river Nile – PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE Visits of the pyramids, Sphinx, Karnak and other historically famous places – virtually everything except your travel to and from Egypt.

So Basically Everything is Included except getting yourself to and from Cairo Egypt PLUS $300 USD for tips, extra money for shopping and some extra cash for meals here and there while shopping and during your free time. (And approx $1000 USD if you have a room to yourself as the trip is based on TWIN SHARE.)

For those who like lists.

What is All Included in Your Trip to Egypt

  • 03 nights at The Mena House five-star hotel Dec 03 rd – 05 th
  • 03 nights Deluxe Sonesta Goddess Nile cruiser Dec 06 th – 8 th
  • 03 nights St. George Luxor hotel five-star hotel Dec 9 th – 11 th
  • 03 nights at Sharm El Sheik five-star resort Dec 12 th – 14 th
  • 02 nights at City Star Intercontinental five-star hotel Dec 15 th – 16 th

All your transportation Everywhere you go

All the entrance fees to Every place you go

Meeting and assistance at all airports

Special and exclusive trips to Karnak and Philae Temples

King’s Chamber PRIVATE Meditation

EXCLUSIVE Visit to the Sphinx

Private transfers to and from airports, hotels & the Nile cruiser

Entry Visa to Egypt upon arrival to Cairo International airport

Domestic air tickets within Egypt Cairo/Aswan & Luxor/Shar/Cairo

All hotels taxes and services charges

All Meals Listed with B, L, or D – which is 70% of all meals including all buffet breakfasts and many lunches and dinners. Full board on the Nile Cruise.

Full Room and Board on Nile cruise which includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Plus your 5 Free Bonuses

Free Bonus #1 – Presentation by the World Authority on Egypt and the Pyramids

Free Bonus #2 – Spiritual Experience of Egypt from the Leading Expert on Ancient Egypts Spiritual History

Free Bonus #3 – Presentation by a Businessman who has built 6 multi million dollar business from scratch

Free Bonus #4 – Special Guest Presentation from Dr Zahi Hawass- the Worlds Leading Authority on Egypt – and an Autographed Personal Copy of his book… Plus Much Much More!

Plus Memories you will literally Treasure Forever and The Once in a Lifetime Experience of Egypt few others have seen before. For example: Bill Gates and his family are some of the select few who have seen Egypt like you will experience it on this Holiday.

So what is NOT included: International flight ticket to / from Cairo – Egypt

Abu Simble optional trip – approx. US $200 per person – All Fees included in this fee – short round trip flight, entrance fees, guide, etc.

Dr. Zahi

Alexandria Day Trip approx. US125 per person if you stay an extra day & hotel fee.

Tipping for guide, driver, and Nile cruise staff. (Compulsory $300 USD per person to be collected in advance or upon arrival to cover all tipping)

Optional Health and travel insurance if you want it.

Join us on a Journey to the Magical Land of the Pharaohs

Reserve your place on this UNIQUE Egyptian Holiday with only $1,000 Now by calling 1300 733 642 or email

Dr. Zahi

Incidentally, if anything prevents your leaving as planned, you can send another in your place; otherwise, cancellations cannot be accepted before departure and a cancellation fee will apply. We have interest free payment plans available, call our friendly team direct in the office on 1300 733 642 for details and to answer any of your questions.

I hope we may hear from you soon – and that we will welcome you to your once in a lifetime opportunity to travel in Egypt like Royalty.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Zahi

Roberta Faddoul

Dr. Zahi

P.S. Our first trip in 2003 was sold out at $8495 AUD and was 3 days shorter. Now we have managed to keep the price exactly the same as it was 10 years ago AND extend it by 3 days to include Sharm el Sheik and Mt Sinai (Moses mountain) in St Catherine which for many the pilgrimage up Mt Sinai is the absolute highlight, including many private & exclusive visits including the Museum of Cairo. Reserve your place now as our 2014 trip is almost fully booked. Remember this could be the best tax deduction you ever get!

Dr. ZahiP.P.S. Reservations will be accepted in the order received. So make sure you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Egypt like other tourists could only imagine. Reserve your place to your Once in Lifetime Experience TODAY.

The only fine print: Times of seminars lectures & meditations by our trainers, guest speakers & Egypt’s leading archeologists/ Egyptologists will be announced during the trip. (Itinerary and guest speakers is subject to change).