Travel Tips

Luggage Restrictions or Delay

Typically you are limited to two checked bags not to exceed 23 kg each for economy travel and 32kg for business travel and one carry on item (Check with your carrier for details) These limits are strictly adhered to and baggage fees can be assessed.

Sometimes if a connection has been missed, or due to bad weather during your journey, baggage may be delayed.

So that you can enjoy your tour and sightseeing without worrying about calling airlines etc., our agents track luggage for you. Once it is found and delivered to the airport, depending where you are, it is sometimes quicker to send our agent and van to pick it up and deliver it to your hotel to save further delays. We provide this as a service to save you further distress, and ask you to remember that if you have any concerns with the delay or the condition of your luggage you should contact the airline directly.