Egypt Holidays: What You Can Look Forward To

When you are considering an Egypt holiday, you’ll find that there is plenty to see and do, and you’ll find that by simply doing a little bit of planning, you’ll be in a great place to enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that you should think about making sure that you can really enjoy your time out there, so remember the following tips and you’ll be fine!

1. Book with someone who has been there before.

Your Egypt holiday will be a lot more comfortable if you plan it with someone who has done it before. If you are traveling to any foreign country, this would be wise, but remember that you will need to think about getting around when you get there as well. There are probably lots of things that you want to get to see, so plan ahead.

2. Egyptian bargaining

When you are on an Egypt holiday, remember that you should bargain when it comes to getting the best gifts and souvenirs. The price on just about everything is negotiable, so make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of.

3. How to bargain in Egypt

In most cases you can start at around fifty percent of the cost of an item, but remember that in tourist heavy areas that this will be inflated. If there are a lot of people around, start at ten percent and work your way up. Remember that you can always practice, so don’t get too stressed out about this.

4. Before you go

Look for free tips and seminars before you go. You’ll find that you can do a great deal just by looking up good information on Egypt holidays. Remember that the web is a great source of things like free samples and even more free tips, so take a look.

5. Clothing

When you are planning to dress for Egypt, remember that you should stick with cool natural fabrics and lots of layers for good ventilation. Don’t bother bringing along any synthetic material and make sure that you bring along a hat, which will do a lot to keep the sun off your head and the back of your neck.

6. Thinking about modesty

When you are considering travel in Egypt, whether for business or pleasure, you may be a little concerned with modesty, especially if you are a woman. Remember that every area is different, but always make sure that you are covered. Shorts are uncommon, and you’ll find that bare shoulders are a bit iffy as well.

7. Eating well

When you are considering Egypt holidays, you may want to consider what you can eat. In most of the modern urban areas, you can more or less eat whatever you like. Give the fruit and vegetables a good washing if you buy them raw from a stand, but when you get further away from the cities, make sure that everything you eat is fully cooked and of good quality.

8. Buy water

Remember that in most cases, you’ll be going to a place that is much hotter than anything that you have been used to. Buy plenty of water no matter what you are doing, and take the time to make sure that you are staying hydrated. You’ll find that you go through your water much faster in the desert than anywhere else.

9. Bargaining for your souvenirs

When you are in Egypt, remember that just about anything in the way of gifts can be bargained down. Start by naming a price somewhere between ten and fifty percent what is being asked, and keep in mind that you can always walk away. Take some time to get comfortable with haggling and you’ll have a great time.

10. Polite refusal

When you are considering Egyptian holidays, remember that in general, many Egyptians will refuse something that is offered at least once. If you are offering something to an Egyptian who is not accustomed to Western directness, make sure that you ask a following two or three times, and practice this yourself.

11. Having a good time

Remember that when you are in Egypt that you should enjoy yourself. Be adventurous, respect local customs and you will see that it will come quite naturally to you. Remember to get online and find out what other free tips you can find!

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