Have you Ever Dreamed of a Vacation in Egypt? Now is the time.

Because… Now You can have a truly Beyond First Class Vacation in Egypt.

Because . . . Bill Gates and his family went on the same vacation in Egypt you will be going on, that is how you know it is Beyond First Class.

Eqypt Vacations

You will travel like royalty.

I knew this trip was going to be amazing but my expectations were far far exceeded. Words cannot do justice to how awesome, brilliant and stunningly beautiful this tour was. We did not have to lift a finger and our accommodations were so beautiful we never wanted to leave any of them. Each day was fantastic – but every day surpassed the last. I mean, how can you improve on perfection!!!
We experienced not just the magnificent pyramids, temples and places that everyone knows, but were given a personal invitation into the heart and soul of this magnificent culture and its people. How can you go to a country on the other side on the Earth and feel so at home in every sense. We were honoured and welcomed by so many beautiful people that took care of us. The only problem was when we were asked what our favourite experience was, we couldn’t decide as there were too many!!!

This is so much more than a tour of Egypt – you can get that anywhere – this is a life long love affair that has just begun. I will return again and again, and I will only ever go to Egypt with this tour. Nothing else compares.

Marie Budimir