Egypt Tours

Egypt Tours – Have You Thought About a Trip?

Egypt tours are a great chance to experience everything Egypt has to offer. You can assemble your own tour, or use a prepackaged tour that makes everything easy.

Egypt tours that have been prearranged for you will allow you to experience all of Ancient Egypt’s monuments and temples, as well as today’s cities and recreational activities. However, you won’t have to worry about organizing the whole tour yourself. Discounts are available on tours, too – you might even be able to visit some locations free of charge.

Why Choose Packaged Egypt Tours?

  • Planning a trip on your own can be fairly expensive. A package tour may be less expensive than ordinary plane tickets, and will probably include your airfare.
  • Tours also save time. There’s no need to waste time trying to figure out the best places to visit – they’ve all been selected for you.
  • Traveling as part of a group allows you to feel safe. You’ll be surrounded by people just like you, and are less likely to feel isolated.
  • Having a guide can really help. Most guides speak a variety of languages, and will help you find anything you need. They can also help you learn a lot more about the country.
  • Organized trips make shopping and sightseeing simple. You’ll be able to find everything, because the tour guide will take you to every location – there’s no danger of getting lost.

What You Can Expect From Egypt Tours

Most tours in Egypt are what is called a classic tour. They last for a week or two and include a number of standard locations. Most of them begin and end in Cairo, and you can expect to see a number of sights there.

The Sphinx, Pyramids, bazaars, and Egyptian Museum are common stops while you’re in Cairo, but they’re not all the city and it’s surroundings have to offer. Fortunately, there are often sightseeing opportunities on both ends of your trip.

After Cairo, most tours head to Luxor. This location offers some of Egypt’s most incredible archaeological treasures. You’ll see the Temple at Luxor, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings here. However, you should pay attention to how you travel.

Egypt tours vary in how they transport people from Cairo to Luxor. Some will offer a trip by plane. This is the fastest option, but also the most expensive. Buses are a more common choice, but be sure that they’re air conditioned! Other tours will use rail transport.

After Luxor, you’ll probably take a Nile cruise. Usually lasting three to four nights, these cruises are best between October and April. However, there are a few one day cruises for people who have very little time.

Nile cruises generally feature trips to locations like Kom Obo, Esna, Edfu and end in Aswan. Most tours travel up the river, heading south, but a few start in Aswan and travel down the river to the north.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll be able to view many of Egypt’s wonderful antiquities and architectural marvels. Many ships also offer entertainment at night.

If you’re on a longer tour, a trip to Abu Simbel may also be included. This is one of Egypt’s best attractions – its temples shouldn’t be missed!

If you’d like to go to Abu Simbel, you’ll have to head from Aswan to that location via plane, bus, or taxi. If you take the bus, the journey will last about three hours.

Don’t be surprised if the buses travel in a convoy. This is to make sure that the trip is as safe as possible.

In addition to the standard Egypt tours, there are some wonderful add ons. Consider taking a trip to the Red Sea and enjoying some of the wonderful swimming and snorkeling opportunities. Or, see the Siwa Oasis or Sinai desert.

How to Make Your Egypt Tour Great

It’s important to take precautions and treat yourself well on a tour. They can be overwhelming and tiring, so make sure you’re well enough rested to see everything and enjoy it.

Remember that you’re probably not accustomed to this climate. It’s important to remain hydrated and stay out of the hot sun. Also remember to wear sunscreen or clothes that cover your body to prevent a burn.

If you can, arrive a little bit before your tour or stay for a few extra days. This will allow you a little more freedom, so you can go sightseeing on your own.

Egypt Tours Come In All Varieties

The classic tours are great, but they’re not the only thing you’ll encounter. It’s also possible to find specialty tours, longer tours, and other unusual opportunities.

Consider taking a diving and beach tour that will help you enjoy Egypt’s great water sports. There are family tours for those with kids, and ecologically oriented tours for people who want to find out about Egypt’s environment.

Also available are religious tours, gay friendly tours, and tours that offer disability access. Tours for people interested in the life of women in Egypt are available, and feature special interviews and sights. There’s almost certain to be an Egypt tour for you.

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